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iLoad Loans works virtually and provides highly efficient Loan Processing & Relief Loan Management services to suit your particular needs. You decide what options best suit your business requirements and budget. Leaving it to us, to do those tasks, which consume your precious prospecting time. Our tasks range from:

  • Full Loan Submission and Tracking through to Settlement 
  • Once you have completed submission, we can track the loan through to settlement
  • Provide Temporary Loan Portfolio Management (in office service) 
  • Assist with Commercial Loan proposals / Commercial Memos
  • In Office “Lending Support” for High Volume periods.
  • NOT including reception/administration support
  • Services do NOT include answering phones, general office duties or taking appointments / manage your diary etc.

iLoad Loans represents The Broker – we are an extension of your business and therefore let them know we are part of your team… When communicating with your clients we’ll ensure to always use your business name and present ourselves in a professional manner which coincides with your business values and ethics.

That is up to you – you can receive the correspondence and forward this to iLoad Loans for action or you can attend to this yourself depending on how you prefer to operate. We will require a list of your lenders BDMs, your usernames and passwords for the each lender’s online system so we can track the loan effectively.

We believe it is in the best interests of The Broker and loan processing to use the CRM available from your aggregator. We require a username and password so we can process and submit the loan application. We will update your CRM with notes as we track the loan through to settlement thus giving you complete access to the information at all times. Also all email correspondence between us, the lenders, third parties and your clients; we will ensure The Broker is also copied in.

Yes, we notify your clients at several stages throughout the loan process. We will track the loan and keep all parties informed and updated and if required request additional information. We want to use as much initiative as possible so you can get on with the job of growing your book.

iLoad Loans is not qualified to make any decisions or give advice in regard to the finances, lender or applications to your clients. We simply assist you in submission and tracking the loan through to settlement. We use our initiative to request supporting documentation, follow up with lenders and ensure the loan is processing in a timely manner.

An invoice will be issued for 50% on submission and 50% once settlement occurs. Payment is to be made within 7 days of the invoice issued

Submission of the loan will be within a 48 business hour period upon receipt of a fully completed application & all necessary supporting documents as per lenders requirements.

1) Call us to discuss your particular needs. 
2) Set up the appropriate documentation. 
3) Set up access to your CRM and Lenders and off we go.

You can send us your first application for submission.

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